Chutney Labels

  Over christmas my mum made some jars of chutney as gifts and asked me to make some labels for them. I went for a simple design, loosely drawing the ingredients then using… Continue reading

Have a horrific halloween

It’s a bit late for halloween I know, but I drew this character and thought he would sit well on a greetings card. A hipster monster from the black lagoon didn’t seem suitable… Continue reading

Jiro dreams of sushi

I watched the documentary Jiro dreams of sushi recently and decided to make this after hearing a quote from him in it. It’s a cool documentary, I recommend it.

E Sting 2013

This is my entry for the 2013 E Sting competition for E4. I was going to use the one I made last year but in this years competition the rules sated that you… Continue reading

Intergalactic Friendship

  I’ve been making some pixel art. It’s pretty fun. 🙂

New CV

I needed to update my CV so I designed it again from scratch, using the theme of signs.


  Here are the character illustrations for pure that I mentioned a couple post ago.

The New Normal

An animation that I was commissioned to produce by AL Marketing, explaining the concept of “the new normal”. Including concepts, storyboarding, and an animatic it took about 3 weeks to complete.

Pure illustrations

In december last year I was asked to create some illustrations for Pure in nottingham to use on a splash page while their website was under construction. Their new website is up now… Continue reading


A quick illustration I did of my dad.