Hello world

Hello I’m Jack, I am a second year Illustration student at Loughborough university, and this is my blog.

I did have a blogspot a while ago but i’ve been convinced to switch over to wordpress by my friend and fellow art bloke Sam, check out his blog, he does interesting things. 🙂

Here’s an illustration I did for a project recently based on our study trip to San Francisco.

The inspiration behind it was seeing a group of old asian people sitting on a park bench, then seeing the similarities between them and some pigeons perched on a public toilet near by.

I thought that it would be amusing to suggest that the pigeons aspire to be like the people, so they replace some of them and nobody notices.

I also drew this last week in our life drawing class which I think is pretty cool.

Drawing figures seems a bit hit and miss for me and it’s easy to get rusty if you don’t practice enough.

Anyway that’s everything for today, bookmark this blog if you’d like to see more arty things in the near future. 🙂