The map project

So at the moment I am working on a project where we have to make a map of a country.

I was given this project at the start of the first year of my degree and now at the end of my second have been given it again, so we can show how much we have progressed I suppose.

Last time I did Puerto Rico, it was an A1 map painted in watercolour, and focusing on all the musical aspects of the country. It was ok, not that great though.

This time I was trying to decide between basing this project around the dominance of drug cartels of Mexico, or making a map of North Korea out of rusty metal to show how it is falling apart and failing its people.

In the end I chose North Korea, mainly because I found some beautiful rusted sheet metal in the fine art studio which no one wanted. 🙂

I was originally going to cut the metal, but it turned out to be too thick, so instead I scratched the rust away to create the silhouette of the country. Here’s a test I did on a 15 x 16cm piece of metal.

I took this, along with the partially complete A2 version, to our group critique today and got some positive feedback on it and some ideas of how develop it further.

I have decided to scratch text into the cleaned up area around the country which relates to North Korea and how its rulers have essentially destroyed it and its people.

Here’s a picture of me working on the final piece, Hopefully I will be able to get this finished over the weekend.