Mission Complete

I’m done, put all my work up in my studio space last friday,

went to my friends wedding, and now just chilling.

Here’s the final piece for the map project that I was working on.

The text isn’t very clear in this photo, as you have to view it from various angles to see it all. I may end up hanging it up and moving it around while recording it to give people a better look.

I did start writing it all on the metal using a nail, but that took forever and made my hand sore.

Luckily my housemate had a Dremel I could borrow, which made it a much quicker process, and made it much more readable.

I managed to scrape the rust off the metal using a wire brush, then used balsamic vinegar to alter the colour of the cleaned area.

The text is a combination of quotes from BBC and National Geographic news articles/reports, a blog of someone who has escaped North Korea, and North Korean Propaganda posters:

1. (Korean translation) Let’s extensively raise goats in all families!

2. More than six million vulnerable people are in urgent need of international food assistance.

3. There is no doubt that people in North Korea are suffering. None of us are unsympathetic to their plight, but they are victims of their own government.

4. I grew up seeing people getting sick and dying from eating grass.

5. (Korean Translation) When we say we will, we will. We do not talk idly!

6. If we were caught by the police then we would have been sent back to North Korea, which is like a death sentence for us. There’d be no point in going back to live like an animal. That’s why we traveled with poison, so that  if we were caught we’d take it and kill ourselves.

7. Let’s give a bigger part to the advantages of the socialist treatment system through greater effort!

8. From the youngest age, from nursery school, all your life until you die you’re brainwashed. I thought he was god and that kim jong il was the son of god.

9. I hear about atrocities in my former country. I hear of gulags holding 200,000 men, of women who are political prisoners and, I hear of famine and starving.

Now I think I should probably finish my album i’m working on, while I have the free time.

But I have just ordered Starcraft 2, which may suck up my time like an Archon toilet.

Also I may put some of my animated uni work on here in a few days.