Inga Alley Cropping

I did a project a few weeks ago based around Inga Alley Cropping, a farming technique which offers an alternative to slash and burn farming for subsistence farmers.

A large percentage of the world’s deforestation is caused by subsistence farmers, who destroy woodland to make space for farming once the ground they are currently using is depleted of nutrients.

I’ll let my poster explain it further, and there is also more information here.












The idea was to create a poster which explains all the benefits of Inga Alley Cropping in one image and aim it at the farmers themselves, as they are the ones who can make a difference.

In the poster there is no talk of deforestation, instead I give farmers information on the benefits of this technique for them.

I also made a second version with Tagalog text, which my girlfriend translated for me (thanks Helen), as the Philippines is a country where slash and burn is a problem.