Hotline Miami poster

This is what i’ve been working on recently; a poster inspired by the fantastic game Hotline Miami, which came out a few weeks ago. I was pretty excited when I realised that it was made by Jonatan Söderström, who’s made other great & surreal games such as Hot Throttle, and bought it straight away.

The game revolves around the player getting mysterious phone calls telling him to go to various gangster’s hideouts and kill them all. At the start of each mission you are given a choice of animal masks to wear, which give the player various bonuses.

I based the masks i’ve drawn here on the illustrations of them in the game rather than use real animal photos for reference, which is why some of them don’t have ears. The colour scheme i’ve used is based on the bright neon style of the game, which is explained by the game being set in 1980’s Miami.

This game really is excellent, and i’d advise anyone to buy it. Just a word of warning though it is hyper violent, just imagine Kill Bill on psychedelic drugs, it’s sort of like that… except probably weirder.