E Sting 2013

E Sting 2013 Screenshot

This is my entry for the 2013 E Sting competition for E4.

I was going to use the one I made last year but in this years competition the rules sated that you had to use one of the sound beds which they had provided.

None of the sound beds fitted my old animation well so I decided to make a new animation from scratch.

The idea behind this new one is that a burglar breaks into a building to try and steal an ancient artifact from a vault, by using an oxy-acetylene torch to cut out out an E4 logo. But when he reaches in to grab it the Wile Coyote style physics holding up the center of the logo give way and his arm is crushed, trapping him, setting off the alarm, and foiling his slick heist attempt.

This took about a week to do, with the backgrounds and a few items being illustrated in photoshop, and the animated parts being made in Flash.