Public Awareness Animation

Here is a stop frame animation I made with Mike Storrie in 2011, the second year of our degree at Loughborough University. This was for our animation module where the brief was to create a… Continue reading

Luciano’s Pizzeria & D&AD New Blood

Here is the final illustration which I included in my degree show, drawn using Artrage on an ipad and edited it in photoshop. I also used it as the front image on my business… Continue reading

Inga Alley Cropping

I did a project a few weeks ago based around Inga Alley Cropping, a farming technique which offers an alternative to slash and burn farming for subsistence farmers. A large percentage of the world’s deforestation… Continue reading

Degree Show

So my degree how is now up and running! Here is our website for it, where you can view everyones work. I’ve had a busy week finalising things, printing and mounting but I… Continue reading

Ministry of Sound D&AD Poster

I made this poster for a D&AD project a while ago, the brief was to make 3 typographical posters for the Ministry of Sound ‘Saturday Sessions’ event. In the end I left the… Continue reading

Monster Landmarks

A few weeks ago I was about to start work on the Serco Prize: Secret London Competition. Unfortunately I had put the deadline on my calendar as the 1st of May rather than the 6th of… Continue reading

Douglas Adams Animation Competition

To watch the HD version go here. And to vote on it for the competition please go here. – I submitted my entry to the Douglas Adams Animation Competition last week, the brief being to… Continue reading

Winsor & Newton competition

So there was a competition by Winsor & Newton recently, where you had to design the packaging for a new ink colour they are releasing. Weirdly they wouldn’t reveal what the colour is,… Continue reading

Lazy Cat

My dad bought an ipad recently. This morning I borrowed it and did a little sketch in brushes, it’s a nice little app. 🙂

Bitcoin on Burnt Wood

For one of my projects I decided to do an editorial illustration for an article. Soldering iron onto wood.