Antler Headphone Stand

I was going to buy a banana hook to hang my headphones from because I heard that it worked pretty well and is cheap. I couldn’t find any nice ones in the shops,… Continue reading

Penguin competition book cover

  So here is my final design for the Penguin book cover competition. This year the book was One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Lino cuts are awesome.

Well not lino, I think this stuff is actually rubber, which is far easier to work with. ūüôā Been doing this for a competition I am entering. I haven’t printed anything in ages… Continue reading

Christmas Card Competition

So on wednesday I got an email saying that the competition to design a christmas card for our university had not had many entries. The prize for winning is only ¬£150 but they… Continue reading

Halloween Stuff

For halloween I entered an illustration to¬†Pictoplasma’s Missing Link Project. If it gets chosen (from the 5000+ entries they¬†received)¬†it will be displayed in an exhibition in Paris in december. I wanted to make… Continue reading

Star Nation Competition

I entered a competition last month to design promotional a T-Shirt for a documentary about the video game StarCraft 2, called Star Nation. I didn’t win but am pleased with what I produced… Continue reading


I’ve just got back from Venice. Went and saw the Biennale which was pretty interesting, the usual assortment of weird stuff that reminds me of Brian from Spaced¬†, some things I¬†genuinely¬†liked, and some… Continue reading

Mowin’ mah lawn

That is all.

First Published Work

I did a little bit of illustration for recently and now it is up on their website. ¬†It is pretty cool to see something i’ve made actually being used in the real… Continue reading

Mission Complete

I’m done, put all my work up in my studio space last friday, went to my friends wedding, and now just chilling. Here’s the final piece for the map project that I was… Continue reading